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Blown Air Heating 2KW

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> $1,843.71

Blown Air Heating 2KW

- Advanced micro-processor electronics
- Self diagnostic fault finding system
- Fast warm-up time
- Reduces condensation
- Queit thermostatic operation
- Stainless steel burner and heat-exchanger with clean combustion gives maintenance free
- Low power consumption
- Compact and easy to install
- High quality motor with ball race bearings
- Easy to use thermostat which automatically switched the heater on/off to maintain the desired

- Heat Input: 2.1kW
- Heat Output: 1.9kW
- Voltage: 12V or 24V versions
- Power Consumption: 1.4A continuous running
- Air Throughput: 60 C.F.M.
- Fuel: LPG/Butane/Propane Gas
- Dimensions : Length: 320 mm, Width: 172 mm, Height: 100 mm

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